New Nuns

No, not a reference to the Solstice classic (see this post) but rather, to a new Mission of Sisters in Edmonton AB that are working towards official OPI Mission status. They may be found on the web at and this FaceBook group.

They join the only current Canadian OPI Mission; the Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe Society of Vancouver BC. The Abbey will be elevated to a full OPI House in August, over Vancouver’s Gay Pride Weekend. An historical note; Sr. Sadie-Masochism, subject of the above-referenced Solstice carol and one of the last living rules of the Toronto Order, was born in Vancouver and grew up in Edmonton.

Update 08/04/2012:
The Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe (Vancouver BC sisters) becomes a Fully Professed House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — the first in Canada since the Toronto Order.

Update 08/20/2012:
The Abbey of the Festival City (Edmonton AB sisters) is now an official Mission of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence. This is the first step towards becoming an official House (Chapter) of the Order.

Mazel Tov