A. Sister Flirtatious Romanovsky of Middlesex
Sister’s current name honours two pioneering gay musical groups:
# The Flirtations; an a capella group active (with various members) from 1988 to 1997;

# Romanovsky & Phillips; gay folk duo active from 1982 to 1999.

@ Middlesex County in south-western Ontario is home to many of Sister Flirt’s biological family. The Canadian County was named after the one in England, most of which was subsumed in the creation of ‘Greater London’ in 1965. The English county of Middlesex no longer exists as a legal entity; and so serves as a reminder that only change is permanent.

B. Sister Flagellation of Forbidden Fruit
It all started with a piece of poetic prose; written about me by a dear friend in a fit of lemon gin-soaked creativity. Magenta (a name she had legally adopted as part of her escape from suburbia) felt that my quiet and studious persona was in fact hiding something more. At the same time, she was aware of my interest in leatherfolk; something that I shared with my partner at that time. Our interests were reflected in our names; he adopted the name Sister Sadie-Masochism with his vows.

At the time we joined the Toronto Order our actual leather/kink experience was limited, but I had no doubt that it was as much and as real a part of me as the Sisterhood. A different aspect of my calling; serving as Sister being the yin to my Leather Master yang. It only made sense my name reflect it; “flagellation” was a perfect word to join with Magenta’s use of “Forbidden Fruit.”

She sure is a little sleeze
High on the money
High on the tease
If you want her in bed
You know what must be said

200 for a turn-over
All expenses paid
        my treat
It’s well worth the price
        for some of her
                body heat

An ode to our Sister of Forbidden Fruit
The one with sweet promises & cute
The one that we’d all like to shoot
Take it any way you like it
But get it while you can
You’re not her first, and not her last man

Professional timing; smooth easy style
Unforgetable lust, forgetable smile
A body that’ll cling
As your parts sing
So forget all your troubles for awhile.

© copyright 1983 ‘Sam Switchblade’
(spelling as in the original hand-written document)