(SF.CA) is a digital, queer, non-theist, spiritual humanist ministry of Joy, Kindness and Love.

We recognize gods as allegorical representations of a spiritual reality that is neither quantifiable by, nor reducible to, a modern scientific approach.

Many LGBT and Queer folks have an understandable and justified hesitation to be involved in any organi– er, institutional religion. Many decide that there can not possibly be a god or gods- or none worthy of worship. And yet, whether because of a “mid-life crisis“, a vague sense that there is something, or a deeply mystical personal experience, the time has come to consider some sort of spiritual life.

Religion is all about answers- spirituality is about questions.SF.CA doesn’t have all the answers; our goal is to help you ask the right questions.

Sister Flirtatious Romanovsky of Middlesex, OPI was accepted into the Toronto Order of Perpetual Indulgence as a Fully Professed Sister in 1983 as Sister Flagellation of Forbidden Fruit and is presently situated in the State of Ohio while planning his return to the Great White North from whence she came.

This website includes an on-line archives of the original Toronto Order.

Sister Flirt in 2015Additional information on Sister’s current, and original, Sisterly Names is on this page. For the past two decades, Sister has continued their ministry, but without appearing in habit in public. Whether through his on-line presence or directly with the gathered fruitful, the work must go on.

The photograph to the right (above, on some devices) is of Sister Flirt’s first manifest under that name, and the first in 28 years. Flirt spent some time with the Columbus Mission (now full Abbey) affiliated with the San Francisco Order. Flirt’s habit took his already-traditional style down a notch. Her 30 year old white wimple had mysteriously shrunk; improvisation is a Sister’s friend. The flat top cornice of the original Toronto Order was just not happening… between that and the Australian Tradition (non-whiteface) Sister looks more like a confused priest.

SF.CA does not hold regularly-scheduled services and Brian does not deliver sermons or lectures on a regular basis. He does offer blog posts that touch on various aspects of living queer in this modern world. Most particularly, posts in the LGBTiTQQ2S category and the Politics And More category in his blog.

Brian now has limited ability (see his blog post for more) to earn funds through traditional or self-employment to fund this work, as he had done in decades past. Please check out the various ways you can support Sister Flirt right from your keyboard/ smart device.