Sister Who (Does She Think She Is?)
Sister Who has been ministering to folks across the globe from Denver, Colorado for decades. They are not officially part of the international Orders of Perpetual Indulgence, but widely recognized as a “Sister In Solidarity” dedicated to similar aims as the Order. They were inspired by the Mother House in San Francisco, as were the Founders of the Toronto Order.

Each Sister’s ministry (The Work) is a unique blend of the 5 Sisterly Ss: Spiritual, Sexy, Silly, Serious & Social, and Sister Who is definitely more plainly Spiritual than many other Sisters:
My spirituality is very eclectic, having begun within the Roman Catholic Church and included experiences of Pentecostal and Non- Pentecostal protestant Christianity as well as Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, New Age, Native American, and Unitarian- Universalist forms of spirituality. I am a nun according to the more inclusive definition of a commitment to spiritual service.

The Tarot of Sister Who
Designed for personal reflection, increased self-awareness, and contemplative meditation and illustrated with photographs of Sister Who taken in and around the mountains in Colorado. This deck has been designed for personal spiritual growth rather than divination or prognostication.

The Deck and the Work
For many tarot card readers the ‘Court cards’ (the Page, Knight, Queen and King of each of the minor arcana suits) are the most challenging. Do they represent specific people in, or near, the subject of the reading, or are they symbolic of certain character traits or life experience? There are books dedicated to just those cards, as well as lectures and classes expounding upon them. Sister Who has replaced the traditional Court cards of each suit with Confessor, Celebrant, Angel and Saint. The four roles serve as guides on interacting with all of creation.

They resonate very strongly with my deep calling as a Sister- I am called:

  • to listen;
  • to celebrate;
  • to love and;
  • to actively support the gathered fruitful.

For me, these cards are a reminder that the work is ever-present; whether I’m manifesting as Sister Flirt, or am in stealth mode.

In the book that accompanies the deck, Sister Who summarizes the four roles as follows:
The Confessor is that voice that listens and cares without making demands; the one who bears with absolute confidentiality and trustworthiness the deepest joys, pains, and truth of the individual’s heart and mind. Embodying sensitivity, awareness, thoughtful consideration, and wise decision-making, yet in ways that abhor any dictatorial imposition, the interaction is deeply internal. Indeed, if movement and growth do not arise from deep within the individual, then no true movement or growth has occurred.

“The Celebrant is that voice that leads actions of deep experience of life, binding spiritual significance to physical action. Embodying recognition of the spiritual within the physical, of participation in the greater harmonies of the universe, and of dutiful maintenance of a high quality of life, it matters not whether any associated quantity is great or small.

“The Angel is that voice which directs protecting love and willing involvement toward every spirit in need–sometimes to the individual and sometimes through the individual. Within the interconnectedness of all things and the symbiotic nature of all healthy relationships, whatever good is possible is extended to all that is ultimately also an extension of the self. Yet the starting point is not selfishness, but rather dedication to service, so that love may encourage all good things to follow.

“The Saint is that voice which lives in harmony with spiritual beings of both more and less evolved states. Embodying the ability to hold on or to let go, as greatest wisdom directs, there is also the ability to move in harmony with the larger sea of spirituality from which all good is truthfully drawn. Having traveled a path to the present moment that warrants deep contemplation of both what may have been overlooked along the way, as well as what possibilities creative imagination has suggested, a sense of inclusive timelessness is a signature quality.” (page 6,7)

Supporting the Ministry of Sister Who

Purchases of the Tarot of Sister Who and their 4 albums of original music provide Sister Who with income and make great gift ideas.

Financial donations may be made via PayPal to dn[at]SisterWho[dot]com. If you are in a position to make a large donation to the Building Fund of Sister Who’s registered non-profit please visit for additional information.

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