Songbook Tea

The Sisters would appear at various community events as part of their mission to spread joy and celebrate the sexual nature of the human beast. Sing-alongs are a great way to involve everyone; all the more so when creative juices flow and lyrics are revised to reflect the reality of life in the gay community.

As part of that outreach, the Sisters prepared a Sisters Songbook, and launched it at a not-so-formal Tea Party held at the 519 Community Centre. The Sisters sang many classic songs, as well as presenting their slightly-reworded lyrics – accompanied by Sister Sadie Masochism on her full-size harp.

A selection of Sisterly lyrics will be posted here in the future; for now we present the front of the invitation to the 1984 Songbook Tea. Since this post first went up, I have published a .pdf with all 19 parody songs from the Sisters’ Songbook, plus 8 of the Order’s various annual Solstice party parodies. A copy of the .pdf may be sent as a Thank You for a donation to support the costs of maintaining this website.

Artwork for Chapter events was done by various Sisters or Friends of the Chapter who may still hold copyright in their work.