Roll Call

The Toronto Order of Perpetual Indulgence was founded by 8 Sisters:

  • Appassionata della Bawdy House,
  • Opiate of the Masses,
  • Robbed at Birth,
  • Florida Naranja, b.1958, d.2008
  • Intelligentsia, b.06/1955 d.09/2019
  • Exposia,
  • Rosa Relentless,
  • Hair Apparent.

Additional Sisters who became ‘fully professed’ during the House’s active years (1981-86) include:
Perpetually Perietic Prostrate,
Andrew Virginia,
Una Cow,
Lilia Campi (Campey),
Prima Donna Meechy,
Sleazia(*), b.1939(?) d.04/2000
Atrociata von Tasteless(*),
Flaggelation of Forbidden Fruit(*), b.07/1958
Sadie-Masochism(*), b.02/1960
Celestial Gates(*).

(*) Indicates the last five active Sisters.

I would be thrilled to hear from any of the above, or anynun I might’ve missed. Messages may be sent via my various social media accounts or to briangryphon [at] att [dot] net.